21 incredible cleaning hacks

You may have been cleaning your house for years, but I bet there are still a few ways to improve your cleaning game. Here are 21 incredible cleaning hacks you’ve probably never even heard of.

Deep Cleaning Your Dryer’s Lint Trap

Clean your dryer’s lint trap, use a pillow case and a stick to dig the hard to reach lint. Details

Clean your shower curtain

Throw in some regular detergent or baking soda along with a few towels. Details

Lemon & Salt Scrub

Clean your wooden cutting boards by rubbing coarse salt into them then adding in the lemon. Details

clean your window screens

Use a lint roller to get any tree fuzz, spider web, pet hair, and debris off the window screens. Details

Eliminate the Urine Smell in the Bathroom

Remove persistent pee odors in the bathroom using lemon in your home right now. Details

clean the toaster

Use a pastry brush to brush crumbs out of your toaster.  Details


Easiest trick to clean your shower head in just 10 minutes. Details


With only 3 simple ingredients, this easy solution makes it easy to clean even the greasiest floors. Details


Rubbing alcohol, some water and cleaning cloth best ingredients to clean couch. Details

clean a coffee maker

Fill your coffee maker up halfway with vinegar and run the brewing cycle. Details


This cleaner is the best tub and shower cleaner that you will make easily at home. Details

Clean Your Bathtub With Grapefruit

Clean your bathtub naturally by scrubbing it with sliced grapefruit. Details

Iron out stains in carpet

Spray some Windex on the stained area and put a towel over it. Details


Ingredient use to clean mattress is baking soda and It was super easy and quick. Details

clean the inside of the oven door

Mix 1/2 cup of baking soda with water to form a thick paste. Details


Clean your makeup brushes in some few minutes with this easy trick. Details

Cleaning Soap Scum

Soap scum on shower doors, glass, faucets can be easily cleaned using borax. Details

Clean Your Lampshades

Use a lint roller, A fun way to clean your lampshades. Details

Remove Scratches on leather

With a little olive oil, you can get your furniture looking good as new. Details

Simple Shower And Tub Cleaner

Mixing vinegar and dishwashing detergent give you a powerful spray-and-wipe shower and tub cleaner. Details

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