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Top 21 Christmas DIYs

Christmas is all about decoration and crafts all around. It is the season of festivity and colors around us to make everything beautiful . We too love to decorate our homes to welcome our guests on Christmas day. It is the day of joy and we should make sure that our home is presentable enough to justify this festive season or event. Scroll down and get to know some amazing Christmas DIYs to do this season. Snow Flakes Add a little oomph to your lawn with these snow flakes and you can know how to make these at home by the link Here Felt Trees It is really easy to do these felt trees as these are super affordable and handy as well. You can find the link Here Cork Reindeer In love with this creativity , if you have extra corks then this should be a must have DIY for you . Find the link Here Bohemia Arrows This is the perfect DIY that one can do and these are cute enough as well . Find the link Here Snow Woods You need to have a vintage effect on your trees with these wood snow flakes . Find the idea Here Picture Transfer You can gift this to your guests on Christmas as a host gift and you can find the link Here Deer Badge How cool is...

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14 Cleaning DIYs

We all know how important is this to have a clean home that reflects your personality and your house keeping abilities . Your home should be tidy and germs free to get rid of the germs that can cause infections. But in this hectic routine , one cannot keep up with the cleaning routine and that’s why we need to have the cleaners that can quickly clean everything and would not have any harsh effect on the stuff we have in home . Scroll down and find all the recipes to get these awesome cleaners. Floor Cleaner Floor cleaner is a daily essential and it should be inexpensive plus efficient enough to have a clean and neat floor . Find the link Here Window Cleaner Cleaning windows and glass is really a mess but this cleaner would change your routine now . Get the recipe Here Stove Cleaner How amazingly and quickly you can clean your stove and get rid of stubborn stains with this recipe Here Drain Cleaner Keep your drain clean and blockade free either kitchen or bathroom one . You can get the recipe Here Diaper Deodorizer Babies are more sensitive to diseases and infections so keep them healthy by this diaper deodorizer and cleaner . Find the link Here Touch Screen Cleaner Touch screens cannot be cleaned with harsh chemicals and water so this cleaner...

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15 Holiday craft ideas

Holiday season is all about decorating your home and having get together in your home either it is family or friend get together . You need to decorate and make your home presentable before them to please and have a good house keeping impact . We have amazing and unique craft ideas for you to try out this season and welcome your guests . Scroll down and let’s DIY. Cinnamon Stick Ornament You only need some cinnamon sticks and some branches of little plants to have these amazing ornament at home . Find full idea Here Geometric Snowman Snow men are essential for this season of the year and you need your permanent one to decorate so this would be a great idea . Find full idea Here Cork Reindeer Cork can be recycled into these beautiful reindeer and you can get the link to this idea Here Felt Trees Felt is easily available and this DIY is really quick to have some decoration in your home . Find the link Here Snow Globe Mason jars are in your kitchen and you need to turn them into these now globe by this idea Here Straw Trees Paper straws can be used in many ways and you can get the colorful one that you can use to make Here Dough Ornament Engage your kids in this fun activity and you...

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18 diy for teens

This era is all about the DIYs that you can do in your home with all the scrap you have in your stores . You just need to grab some awesome ideas of DIYs . You can start DIY-ing some amazing products and also can sell them if you are really good in this . This article is all about teen DIYs so let’s scroll and start DIY .   Pom Pom Key chain Pom pom are trending a lot and you need to add a charm to your bag with these . Find the link Here Marbled Dish...

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Top 15 DIY Gifts to make

Sharing is caring and exchanging gifts increase love and affection among family , friends and eve the stranger . You have seen countless gift ideas to DIY over net and still confused about which idea is perfect then you need to read this article to decide one . We have amazing gift ideas so let’s start. Tea Wreath This is a unique idea of gifting tea packs to a tea lover . You can get this done by the link Here Stripped Umbrella How amazing is this stripped umbrella for gifting or for personal use . You can get...

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