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15 finger knitting for kids ideas

If you are a passionate person about DIYs and knitting or crocheting then this article is for you and you know what you can let your kids to do these amazing hand knit and finger knit ideas to make some amazing crafts out of them . We have collected some easy and amazing idea for you and your kids to try so scroll down and explore them all. Hand Knitting Craft This is the easiest woven hand craft that your kids can do within hour and its so colorful to hang on the door as well so find the link to this DIY Here Earmuffs Keep your ears warm and all safe from deadly cold and the link is Here Scarf This colorful scarf is all you need to flaunt on a sunny beach day and the link to this beautiful scarf idea is Here Knitted Wreath Totally in love with this duper cute wreath and you can find the link of this to decorate your home Here Knitted Bracelets How pretty is this bracelet that is knitted from a used t shirt and you can know how to do this by the link Here Knitted Headband You can finger knit the colorful head band and can gift your friend as well so the link is Here Knitted Curtain Ropes A door curtain which is knitted and embellished with...

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Top 15 handmade phone cover Ideas

Nothing could beat the best hand made phone cases and the perk is that you can customize them according to your own choice and taste . You can DIY a lot of them with ease and effortlessly so what are you waiting for ? Scroll down and get them DIYed ! Nautical Anchor Case This blue and white stripped and anchor case is just flawless and you can find the link Here Gold Stud Case If you like bling and all fancy stuff then this is your stop to DIY this amazing case. Find the link Here Picture Collage Case Make...

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14 Crochet Leaf Ideas

We all need to have a fun activity whenever we have some holiday or free time so better is to select or spend time on such activities that give you some reward in the end so here are some crochet stuff ideas that you would love to do in your free time . Scroll down  and get them done in inexpensive ways. Big Green leaf Crochet Idea Lookins for a leaf crochet idea then this is your go to idea and you can find the whole link Here Oak Leaves Crochet How cute are these owk leaves and you would...

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16 diy gifts ideas for coworkers

We all love gifts and gifts should be exchanged to boost your love and affection for your family and friends and even for co workers because co workers are those who help you all day to achieve your goals so gifts would be a little Thankyou gesture for them from you and nothing can beat the home made or diy gifts for them so scroll down and let’s diy.   Herb Gift If you have a foodie in your co worker then this gonna be the best and you can know how to create this by this link Here Stamped...

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Top 12 homemade laundry soap ideas

If you care about your family and so do your closer then you should be making these home made laundry soaps for washing the clothes you have to make them long lasting . These all natural and inexpensive home made recipes are super easy so scroll down and have fun making these.     All Natural Laundry Soap This all natural laundry soap doesn’t include any chemical and you can try this idea Here Chemical Free Laundry Soap This is another soft and chemical free laundry soap that you can make by this easy diy link Here   Simple Laundry Soap...

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