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10 Kids Activities and Games

Here are some great ways to have fun with your children! Take them on an adventurous ride along with you and have unlimited fun while playing with your kids. These activities and games will keep them occupied for a long time and they will have fun at the same time.   #1: Pass the water Here is a great game to play on a hot summer day. Take some water and some glasses and run to the front yard to have a great time ! Find the details of the game: Here #2: Indoor Counting Croquet If the weather...

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10 DIY Projects for Kids

When your child is bored by just sitting around the house and watching TV around the clock, get him up and have fun with him while making these cool projects! ┬áHere are some great ideas to stimulate your child’s brain cells and help him stay engaged in activities around the clock!   #1: Harry Potter Wand Every child loves Harry Potter, and especially the mysterious magical wand he possesses. Help him make that wand at home and show is magical skills! Find the guide to make it: Here #2: Glue Art on Canvas with Watercolors A fun project that’ll...

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10 Cardboard crafts for kids

It’s amazing how you can create beautiful and fun things from something as simple as a cardboard. Here are some very fun & creative craft projects, made just from cardboard. Easy to make, and fun to play with, these crafts will keep your child busy for hours. Watch them having fun while playing with these and even engage with them to have a great time!   #1: Cardboard Box Hot wheel Garage with Ramps A great project entirely made from cardboard. Your kids will have fun playing with their cars and this ramp. Toss it in for recycling when...

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10 Kids Crafts for Girls

How far you can go to make the most beautiful girl in your life happy? Your little girl is the brightness of your life. If you want her world to shine too, you have to try these amazing craft ideas that will bring joy and contentment in her life. Let your fairy make fairies and bring the beauty around her. #1: DIY hoola hoop fort Does your little princess dreams to live in a fort? Here is an astonishingly beautiful craft to do with your kid and make her live her dream. Find the guide to make it:Here #2:...

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10 Cool DIY Ideas for Kids

If you want your child to have fun and want to see him giggle and play around the house, then you are at the right place. Here are 10 ideas which will totally make your child’s day fun. He will love making these with you and then will enjoy them after they are complete!   #1: DIY No-Sew-A-Frame-Tent If your childs loves camping and the feeling of living inside a tent makes him happy, then this is the perfect craft for your kid! Find the guide to make it: Here #2: IKEA Activity Table Hack Jazz up the boring IKEA table in your child’s room and watch him decorating it with creative new ideas. Find the guide it make it: Here #3: DIY Pretend Play Sweet Shoppe Every child loves sweets and a cute sweet shop I like a heaven for them. Help the create this little heaven in their own room! Find the guide to make it: Here #4: Giant Bubbles recipe Have fun making these huge bubbles and then watch your kids have fun in the front yard! Find the guide to make it: Here #5: Pixar’s Inside Out Stress Balls Everyone loved the Pixar movie Inside Out, especially the young ones. Here is a cool craft that is based on the same movie! Find the guide to make it: Here #6: DIY Light Table Help your...

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