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10 Excellent DIY Crafts For Kids

Summer is one of the favourite time for kids, they have ample time  to explore new things. They are counting down to summers. What can you do to sparkle their imagination and to bring some excitement into their long vacations? The answer is always ‘crafts’. There are some easy ideas below. So this summer, crafts on!   #1: craft stick Airplane This is one of quick and amazing craft work that every kid will love. A perfect thing to do indoors and out of chilling summer. Find the guide to make it : Here #2: paper plate caterpillar Your kid would be totally amazed with these colourful caterpillars made by them. So what are you waiting for? Let them explore. Find the guide to make it  : Here #3: marshmallow shooters This is one of the DIY that your child must do,this includes science as well as fun activity. Here is the complete description of making it. Find guide to make it  : Here #4: glowing fairy bottle Who don’t  love sparkles? Everyone, obviously. These glowing bottles can create ambience and the best part is that it’s too easy to make. Find the guide to make it: Here #5: popsicle stick superheroes Is your child crazy for superheroes? If  the answer is yes, this DIY is perfect for such kids. They can make their own superheroes quickly. Let them...

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10 DIY Slime Tutorials

It’s time to get that gooey squishy slimy slime into your hands and have endless fun with it. Here are 10 tutorials to turn this slime into totally fun and beautiful projects. Let your creative fluids flow and turn this slime into something, well, SLIMY !   #1: Unicorn Poop Slime Recipe Wait, what? Unicorn ‘Poop’ ! Yes, you read it correctly, but probably have the wrong idea about it. Make your own  awesome looking unicorn ‘poop’ slime. Find the guide to make it: Here #2: Galaxy Slime Make your own sparkly galaxy slime that looks just like the swirls of a real galaxy. It looks so great and is surely gooey ! Find the guide to make it: Here #3: Glitter Slime Monsters These great looking monsters are the just one of the best things you can make out from your slime. There are tiny and look so cute ! Find the guide to make them: Here #4: Silver & Gold Homemade Slime It’s so sparkly, and so shiny ! This alluring slime is guaranteed to attract a lot of eyes towards it. It looks so great and is very simple to make. Find the guide to make it: Here #5: Minion Slime The combination of the best two thing in this world ! Create a cute minion from your slime. Bust your boredom and have some fun...

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10 Cool Kids Crafts

We all know how kids love to take up new things and how well they learn through creating. Here are 10 creative crafts that’ll keep your kids engaged and at the same time they will have lots & lots of fun.   #1: Squirt gun Painting Who doesn’t like playing with water? Help them make these amazing squirt guns, and then let ’em use these to create aesthetic art pieces ! Find the guide to make it: Here #2: Handprint Fish Puppets Just watch them shiny and glittery puppets !! Get tons of popsicles and get started on this...

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